200 Combined Robotic Radical Prostatectomy cases completed

Congratulations Dr Arvind Vasudevan & Dr Ding Guo!

The entire robotic team Dr Vasudevan, Dr Guo, anaesthetists and nurses with SJOG Murdoch CEO, Ben Edwards (second from left). Also Far left is Sarah-Jayne the Director of nursing at SJOG Murdoch

Dr Vasudevan, Robot Clinic Nurse Specialist Mini and Dr Guo
COVID Safe cup cakes to celebrate the occasion!
Cup Cakes in close up!

The 27th of May 2022 marked a huge milestone for Dr Arvind Vasudevan. He and Dr Guo completed a combined 200 robotic radical prostatectomy cases in just 2 and a half years. Dr Vasudevan has been the primary surgeon in 100 cases, while being the secondary surgeon in the remaining 100 cases.

This was made possible by the fantastic robotic team at SJOG Murdoch pictured above with the support of the CEO, Ben Edwards, and director of nursing Sarah-Jayne.

Dr Vasudevan, is looking forward to performing many more robotic procedures and in doing so, improving the health and lifestyle of his patients.